India Footwear Market– Analysis By Distribution Channel, By End User (2020 Edition): Market Insights, Covid-19 Impact, Competition and Forecast (2020-2025)

Executive Summary

According to Azoth Analytics research report, the Indian Footwear market is projected to display a robust growth represented by a CAGR of 8.28% during 2020-2025. Indian Footwear Market was valued at USD 9.70 Billion in the year 2019. The growing trend of premiumization in the Indian footwear industry and the shift to branded footwear from the unorganized and unbranded footwear will be facilitating growth in the market in the forecast period.

It is expected that the market for Footwear will grow on the back of the rise of middle-income group and increase in literacy rate. Further, active participation in the workforce, supported by ever-growing population and urbanization in the country will fuel market growth.

Under the segments, E-commerce/online sales channels and Women’s footwear are estimated to experience the highest market growth over the forecasted period, primarily because of increase in penetration of internet services and increasing participation of women in the labor market. Also, this is supported by escalating investment being pumped by the leading manufacturer of Footwear in order to access a larger consumer base.

Scope of the Report

• The report analyses Footwear Market By Value.
• The report analyses Footwear Market By Distribution Channel (Traditional, EBO, LFS, MBO, E-commerce).
• The report assesses the Footwear Market By End User (Men, Women, Children).
• The key insights of the report have been presented through the frameworks of Key development and companies’ presence in Footwear with features of their products. Market share of leading Footwear manufactures has also been included in the report. Also, the attractiveness of the market has been presented By Region, Product Type, Age and Distribution Channel. Additionally, the major opportunities, trends, drivers and challenges of the industry has been analysed in the report.
• The report tracks competitive developments, strategies and expansion plans. The companies analysed in the report include Bata India, paragon, Relaxo, Liberty, Khadim
• The report presents the analysis of Footwear Market for the historical period of 2015-2019 and the forecast period of 2020-2025.

Table of Contents

1. Research Methodology and Executive Summary
1.1 Research Methodology
1.2 Executive Summary

2. Strategic Recommendations

3. Footwear Market: Product Outlook

4. Indian Footwear Market: Sizing and Forecast
4.1 Market Size, By Value, Year 2015-2025

5. Indian Footwear Market Segmentation – By Distribution Channel, By End User
5.1 Competitive Scenario of Indian Footwear Market: By Distribution Channel
5.1.1 Traditional – Market Size and Forecast (2015-2025)
5.1.2 EBO – Market Size and Forecast (2015-2025)
5.1.3 LFS – Market Size and Forecast (2015-2025)
5.1.4 MBO – Market Size and Forecast (2015-2025)
5.1.5 E-commerce – Market Size and Forecast (2015-2025)
5.2 Competitive Scenario of Indian Footwear Market : By End User
5.2.2 Men – Market Size and Forecast (2015-2025)
5.2.3 Women – Market Size and Forecast (2015-2025)
5.2.4 Children – Market Size and Forecast (2015-2025)

6. Indian Footwear Market Dynamics
6.1 Drivers
6.2 Restraints
6.3 Trends

7. Market Attractiveness
7.1 Market Attractiveness Chart of Indian Footwear Market – By Distribution Channel, 2025
7.2 Market Attractiveness Chart of Indian Footwear Market – By End User, 2025

8. Competitive Landscape
8.1 Major Technological Innovations and Mergers & Acquisitions
8.2 Market Share Analysis

9. Company Analysis
9.1 Bata India
9.2 Relaxo
9.3 Paragon
9.4 Khadim
9.5 Liberty

List of Figures

Figure 1: Indian Footwear Market Size, By Value, 2015-2025 (USD Million)
Figure 2: India’s Export of Footwear to World, Country-wise
Figure 3: India footwear export, By Product-wise (In USD Million),2013-2017
Figure 4: Contribution to Global footwear export(In %),2018
Figure 5: Market Share in Global footwear import, country wise (%), 2018
Figure 6: Countries Production Per Capita, 2018-19
Figure 7: Countries footwear consumption share (%), 2018-19
Figure 8: Indian footwear, by region wise 2018-19
Figure 9: Per capita spent on footwear (In USD)
Figure 10: India footwear market, by price point segment (USD), 2018
Figure 11: Indian footwear sale, By Branded footwear (In%) (2018)
Figure 12: Indian footwear sale, By Product Segment (2018)
Figure 13: International brand contribution to Indian sports-footwear sale, (In USD million), (2014-2019)
Figure 14: Indian Footwear, By product and geographical region wise
Figure 15: India GDP per Capita, 2014-2019 USD (Number)
Figure 16: India GDP per Capita, PPP, 2014-2019 USD (Number)
Figure 17: India Fertility rate (children per woman), 2014-2019
Figure 18: India population between the ages 0 to 14 as a percentage of the total population(In%)
Figure 19: Indian Footwear Market, By Distribution Channel, 2019, 2025
Figure 20: Indian Footwear Market – By Traditional, By Value (USD Million), 2015-2025
Figure 21: Indian Footwear Market – By EBO, By Value (USD Million), 2015-2025
Figure 22: Indian Footwear Market – By LFS, By Value (USD Million), 2015-2025
Figure 23: Indian Footwear Market, By MBO, 2019, 2025
Figure 24: Indian Footwear Market, By E-commerce, 2019, 2025
Figure 25: Indian Footwear Market, By End User, 2019, 2025
Figure 26: Indian Footwear Market – By Men, By Value (USD Million), 2015-2025
Figure 27: Indian Footwear Market – By Women, By Value (USD Million), 2015-2025
Figure 28: Indian Footwear Market – By Children, By Value (USD Million), 2015-2025
Figure 29: Market Attractiveness Chart of Indian Footwear Market – By Distribution Channel, 2025
Figure 30: Market Attractiveness Chart of Indian Footwear Market – By End User, 2025
Figure 31: Market Share of Leading Indian Footwear Companies, 2018 (In %)
Figure 32: Bata India Revenue, 2017-20 (In USD Million)
Figure 33: Bata India Profit (PBT), 2017-20 (In USD Million)
Figure 34: Relaxo Footwear revenue, 2016-2020 (In USD Million)
Figure 35: Relaxo Footwear profit, 2016-2020 (In USD Million)
Figure 36: Khadim India Revenue, 2017-2020 (In USD Million)
Figure 37: Khadim Profit, 2017-20 (In USD Million)
Figure 38: Liberty footwear Revenue, 2017-2020 (In USD Million)
Figure 39: Liberty footwear Profit, 2017-20 (In USD Million)

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